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910 : Girne Municipality to support art and creative education with courses

By Heidi Trautmann


A wise man is the leader of a community when he supports creative and art education because then he wants people, especially people from very young age,  to learn to use their senses and somehow that will help him to do his job because people will understand the many problems one day.

Especially, when you get trained people to lead these centres, to teach the use of tools and how to be creative with little means, i.e. from inside of themselves.

I realized lately, that such centres have started to operate, courses for theatre, creative drama and art in one of the Municipality buildings next to the Wednesday Market.  I was very pleased to hear that an appreciated artist and friend, a sculptor, Zehra Sonya, is one of them to lead the art classes.

I had surprised them one Saturday morning in one of the big studios at the top of the building where a group of children at the age of 5 – 8 perhaps, were working on long tables to paint their dream castle. One came forward with his cheese castle, the other with ice cream castle, one did the Kyrenia castle, but all realized that there is a long road to go to reach it; they proudly showed me their work; In the shelves of the studio I could see the works of other art disciplines, clay work, sculpting with  all kind of materials such as tin foil or carton;  Children she teaches on Saturdays, younger and older groups, but with adult students she works in the evenings, drawing and oil painting

 “Although”, she says, “I am not a painter in the true sense of the word, I am a sculptor and approach the subject differently, I take much pleasure to occupy myself with painting or drawing while I am teaching.” 

You do need a three-dimensional understanding when painting and not only for figures, for spaces, for depth also, the same is valid for drawing. With perspective, for example one learns the feeling for depth; then there is composition. The members of our Thursday Art Group did it the other way round; we decided to go for sculpting to learn the three-dimensional experience and all of a sudden we questioned ourselves how an ear is constructed because we only saw it from one side.

I am very happy to learn about these new possibilities in Girne because I am often asked by people where they could possibly join art classes.  So if you are interested to either take your children to art classes or you want yourself do drawing or painting, get in touch with the Girne Municipality.  For the courses in creative drama and theatre the knowledge of Turkish would be needed, in the art classes you speak with your tools.



I also visited the other course
I also visited the other course 'Creative Drama' where Fatos from the Cultural Dept. in Nicosia was teaching; here they do the mirror game where one is acting, the other copying, how concentrated thes

Zehra Şonya, an excellent teacher
Zehra Şonya, an excellent teacher

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