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431 - 10th Anniversary of EMAA - Congratulations

EMAA Celebrates 10th Anniversary

European-Mediterranean Arts Association (EMAA) was founded on 19th November 2002, under artist Nilgün Güney, its president, is proud to celebrate their 10th anniversary. From 2002 onwards, EMAA achieved an outstanding success in actively holding various events, increasing the number of participants, publishing several publications, and without deviating from their mission statement, they continuously raised the bar. EMAA not only remained solid and focused until 2012, but it also became institutionalised thanks to the national and international connections they’ve made through the EMAA Capital Art Centre.

Apart from Nilgün Güney, İhsan Gürel, Anıl Işık, Çimer Ergene, Necdet Turgay, Erdoğan Uzunahmet, Ateş Kozal, Mustafa Göze, Çınar Uluçay, Gülperi Sevengül, Ercan Sevengül, Hakan Karahasan, Hüseyin Çavuşoğlu and a number of founding members and art lovers joined forces to tackle the shortcomings and problems with art in Northern Cyprus, through EMAA activities. The main objective of the association was to gather individuals under art’s unifying, participative and enriching umbrella, in order to build a young and dynamic structure through various projects and activities, which would consequently remedy the cultural and art related issues within the country. Founding an art centre, with a structure which meets the latest requirements for such an institution, organising activities that focus on developing curious and inquiring minds to promote creativity, unleashing the inner potential by scrutinising the importance of interaction and experience in art, which will ultimately lead to attendance to international events and gather individuals from various disciplines under the umbrella of art’s universal value and importance. EMAA is proud to have achieved all of the above within ten years. With its 154 registered members, 12 issues of bilingual EMAA magazine, numerous catalogues and books, as well as a range of exhibitions, seminars and the foreign connections built, particularly within the last 3 to 4 years, EMAA has become an institutionalised arts association in Northern Cyprus.

While the association has been focusing on their missions and objectives, they were also responsive to the issues taking place in the country. EMAA contributed through several press releases and attendance to public demonstrations and meetings. Unfortunately, as we approach the end of 2012, EMAA is highly concerned about the corruption within each level of the local government, and the fact that the government has become so inept at tackling any of the current issues. Surrounded by such drawbacks and in an environment where art and artists are completely overlooked, EMAA believes that a radical change and innovation is vital. EMAA protests the indifference towards the defective executive, legislative and judicial powers, and demands that concrete steps are taken towards ensuring such problems are overcome urgently. For that reason, EMAA refuses to invite any politicians to the association’s 10th Anniversary Reception.

Two events EMAA has organised in honour of their tenth anniversary are as follows:

10th December, Monday – 10th Anniversary Reception. In appreciation of their support over the last 10 years, Argyro Toumazou, Heidi Trautmann, İnci Kansu, İsmet Tatar ve Kadir Kaba shall be awarded with a Plaque of Appreciation, which will be followed by an archive exhibition, demonstrating EMAA’s activities for the last 10 years ( EMAA Capital Art Centre)

21st December, Friday – A hybrid exhibition including EMAA artists artwork to mark EMAA’s anniversary ( İsmet Vehit Güney Sergi Salonu), which will be followed by a brief awards ceremony to honour Cevdet Çağdaş and Ayhan Menteş’s contributions to the Turkish Cypriot art in general, who will be awarded with a Plaque of Honour

EMAA shall continue to offer its services to public, following the 8th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, which will take place on the 20th of December 2012, during which new members will be elected for board of management, supervisory and disciplinary board. Apart from those activities taking place at EMAA Capital Art Centre, the association is preparing to host the Turkish leg of the ongoing international UNCOVERED project in “Depo / Tobacco Warehouse” in 2013. The association is also preparing to participate in the Young Artist Development project, coordinated by Jack Persekian from the Al-Ma'mal Foundation in Jerusalem. The project is a joint undertaking between EMAA, and Pharos Foundation from Cyprus and will include the Mediterranean countries. EMAA is also aiming to undertake other international projects, such as the Apartment Project and Performance Project Z0ne to serve artists and art lovers.



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European-Mediterranean Arts Association (EMAA)



Archive exhibition with important events over the years
Archive exhibition with important events over the years

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