Heidi Trautmann

158 - Letter from Helping Hands to the audience of "Classics at Bedesten"

Subject: Funds raised through YOUR "Helping Hands"
We are happy to announce that Helping Hands IV-`The Classics at Bedesten` concerts on the 28 - 29 May 2010, received from ticket sales, adverts in the programme and other donations a total NET sum of 19.500TL as contribution from our music loving and caring public.
Though it may not go a long way, we consider it a blessing that we were able to raise this much for The Turkish Cypriot Children's Welfare Association who help children in need.

Since 2006, when "Helping Hands" theme was first introduced, "Helping Hands" four concerts and recitals in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010 have raised in the region of 88,000TL as funds for charities in need of financial assistance to continue their work.......

"Helping Hands" thank you for making this possible.
Without you it just could not have been done........

God Bless you ALL, whoever you are and wherever you may be........

Gonul Eronen
(on behalf of the Helping Hands project)

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