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Feb 8 - 11 - “Saint Petersburg - Reflections” by the Nicholas Panayi Earth Group Art Group


February 8 – 11  2011


Russian Cultural center


Opening:  Tuesday 8th of February 20:00

By the ambassador of the Russian Federation Mr.  Vyacheslav D. Shumskiy



“the soft pastel colors turned to golden like honey around eleven at night. The low sun over Saint Petersburg, like a traveler passed through every alley, every tree, and left behind dazzling reflections on the picturesque canals.”


The Art Studio Nicholas Panayi in association with the Russian Embassy

Presents at the Russian Cultural Center in Nicosia the Art Exhibition “Saint Petersburg - Reflections”


Participating are the members of the “Earth Art” group of the Art Studio of Nicholas Panayi that regularly travel to destinations of cultural interests around the world.

During the summer of 2010, the group visited St Petersburg.

The vivid experiences from the perfected architectural styles of the city, the Hermitage, the Russian museum, the Avant-garde artists, the Mariskey theater, the traditional dances and nature around St Petersburg are but a few of the themes that inspired the creation of the art works that will be on display from the 8th to the 11th of February at the Russian Cultural Center in Nicosia.    


16 Alasias street, Nicosia, Tel: 22761607


www.nicholaspanayi.com  Tel: 99511509

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