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17 - Review Exhibition Hikmet Ulucam – Deborah Coito – Ahmet Denker

To see Hikmet Ulucam's work is a MUST

until March 28 at Atatürk Cultural Centre

Review Art Exhibition Hikmet Ulucam – Deborah Coito – Ahmet Denker

Already the invitation to this event made one curious: A three-dimensional triangle. Hikmet's graphic mind!

I had heard that the Atatürk Cultural Centre was packed with people on the evening of the opening on March 16, that people had to wait until they were pushed on along the rows of art exhibits. I went there today, that is four days later, and I had all the peace and space to look at the artwork exhibited.

(Please refer to the CV’s of the artists under Cultural events).


The first works you see, you say…ahhh, that is Hikmet Ulucam…photo…graphic art…art photography, however you name it, it is true, it is art, it is graphic art and it is art photography. The master is nature, the artist is nature and Hikmet is bowing to it, loving it. We cannot imitate nature, no one will ever reach the richness of creativity, the harmony of colour, but we can pay our respects, and that is what Hikmet Ulucam does.

He has taken one theme, one special part of landscape, the border area between sea and land, a strip of nature worked and formed by the sea, rock formations and traces in sand. Scenes of earth history picked out and enlarged to bring to our attention the lines earth and sea have written, a living language which might look different the next year. Hikmet Ulucam, I love you for the stories you have told us, the stories of North Cypriot shores, and I know where you found them. I have been there too!


Deborah Coito’s photographic art work is on a completely different level, it has to do with social behavior, static truth of life, and with the thoughtlessness towards our nature, throwing at us pictures of rubbish; she puts together, mostly in fours, situations in extremes, trying to provoke our conscience.


Ahmet Denker, a prolific painter, has, I think, brought forward the entire artwork of his last years, so different in style. I preferred his more naïve paintings of country life, the more simple paintings, they were touching.




The exhibition continues until March 28.


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Ahmet Denker
Ahmet Denker

Deborah Coito
Deborah Coito

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