Heidi Trautmann

960: Yansima/Reflection - Photo Exhibition of two Art Photographers Duyal Tüzün and Gökhan Gökberg


By Heidi Trautmann


I was late for the exhibition but I went two days before it closed. I had the hall for all for myself. Nature at its finest, the play with light and shadow, the joy of living, you want to take part of it.


What does one know about people really? What did I know about the two photographers who showed their photographic art in a show from November 20-29, 2017 at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia. Very little to nothing. I saw their work and knew that they have donated the money resulting from sales to children with cancer. There were many pictures carrying more than one red point, the visitors must have really enjoyed the exhibition and the very sensitive pictures.


On internet I found Duyal Tüzün’s CV in Turkish but with Mr. Google’s translation you can get an idea what this woman has done with her life, quite astonishing. http://nec.k12.tr/hakkimizda/egitim-kadromuz/duyal-tuzun/

A short  curriculum vitae of Gökhan Gökberg who was born in Nicosia in 1985,  I also found on internet but I have known him before as the head of the UMUT Cultural Organisation in Nicosia with its Umut/Hope Orchestra in which he participates with the side flute. In the HOPE House as they call themselves hope and assistance is given to people with cancer; I have visited the house once. It is an incredible organization and they have my deep respect. There is an introduction in Turkish but you can ask Mr. Google for translation to get an idea. http://aktiviteparki.com/umut-egitim-ve-kultur-evi-cok-ozel-bir-ev/


Both share the love for photography, they had quite a row of exhibitions, had participated in photography competitions and have received many awards. There is something very wise Gökhan Gökberg is saying, it seems to be his life philosophy:


"Life is like Photography, you develop from the Negatives."


The money from sales went to Kemal Saraçoğlu Organisation for Children with Cancer.  You may contact the photographers to further assist the organization under the tel nos.  (0392) 2270616 and (0392) 2270617.


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