Heidi Trautmann

1075: Exhibition ‘Under the Sun we are all the Same’ on two levels

By Heidi Trautmann


A small virus has managed to plunge the world into chaos, has turned values, societies and philosophies upside down but I found that somehow people in general have found ways to make the best of it and become inventive.

So, beginning of 2020 a project was planned by EMAA (European Mediterranean Art Association) and Kibris Kuir Association to launch an exhibition with art works which depict the theme ‘Under the Sun we are all the Same’, a slogan which has become now a worldwide slogan, has had demonstrations to fight for the rights for all, against hate and racism, for black lives matter, and all lives matter. The exhibition was ready, so was the virus and it came to a complete standstill in society, the lockdown. KKSD/ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artists) was invited to join the project. See the poster.

All the ways for a proper real show were blocked, so the organisers thought of a way to carry out their project on another level, as a virtual exhibition, which I think has extremely well succeeded. Here the link to the virtual show; the downloading will take 1-2 minutes, but it is worth to follow the invitation and visit the created virtual exhibition hall.




On the occasion of the KKSD paper pencil auction at Rüstem’s Bookstore  on 20 June, part of the virtual show was presented in the beautiful Rüstem Art Gallery the photos of which you can find under the following link:



The arts are a tool, a very important tool, to lay open problems on a broad level, to draw the attention of people to the pain of others, to initiate discussions and artists are willing to show their support.


The exhibition is open for you to visit for two to three weeks at office hours of Rüstem Bookstore in Nicosia until 19:00 hrs.  

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