Heidi Trautmann

809 - Geological Heritage at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia

40th anniversary of the Cyprus Chamber of Mining Metallurgy and Geology (UTCCTEA)

By Heidi Trautmann

It is a very welcome and good thing to do to ‘shove something under people’s nose’ to make them aware of something important. Our days are so full with small activities and problems that we hardly have the time to study something carefully although we pass these things more or less on a daily basis.

Perhaps when you go for a walk and you allow your eyes to wander you will discover something that attracts your attention, you stop and go closer and there is a funnily shaped stone, a piece of rock glittering, a quartz or gypsum, and you break off a small piece and take it home to put it on your shelves. Our house is full of such ‘memories’ some shells found in the Mesaoria embedded in rocky material, pieces of glass or old ceramic abraded by the sea or the wind. The energies of nature have a strong effect on our surrounding, bending the trees and polishing sandstone into great pieces of art.


This is what I thought when I went to see the photographic works exhibited at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia under the title ‘Geological Heritage’. The Cyprus Chamber of Mining Metallurgy and Geology (UTCCTEA) were considering to celebrate their 40th anniversary with something special which would throw a light on their work on the one hand side and at the same time attract the attention of the public for the ‘heritage’ of their country. For the duration of one year they roamed about some areas in the company of some photographers of the FODER Association to whom they explained what was happening here and what had happened over the course of millions of years to the geological structure of our island.

A magnified glimpse on and into the material of our island, the photos speak for themselves; on their tours they came across caves where the ancestors have lived or people have been hiding from persecution, old houses and ruins built from material taken from the earth and rocks. Wounds that have been cut into the mountains, the residues of copper mining and wind sculptures in sandstone.  Tales that tell the story of the island.

The exhibition is open until September 25, open in the afternoons until late during the opening hours of the restaurant ‘The House’.




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