Heidi Trautmann

288 - Cyprus….with a splash of colours – Photo Exhibition by Susie Forster


By Heidi Trautmann


What an excellent venue for the exhibition of photos on Cyprus and its treasures; a jewel in itself, this small church in Doğanköy of the 12th century…. Susie Forster could not have chosen a better place. The place itself, and many of the photos are images of Cypriot history, the telephone booth in Karmi, a blue door and its handle, the unique Karpaz  scenery, and the donkey in the shade of a tree. Small things, hidden to many, tell the story of the island, and Susie has been aware of them.


It is her first exhibition, she explained, and she will go on to collect the small mementoes on her way through her journalistic duties, things only she observes from the corner of her eye. Black and white photography is also a favourite of mine and I know quite well what it takes to obtain this very special quality.


I hope her exhibition was successful, at least there were many guests I encountered on the small sand road leading to the church; friends of hers, or were they the supporters of the association for the restoration of the church, were having a picnic at the back of the building, as if part of the photos on the walls.

Susie wants to donate part of the income to the funds for restoration.

Susie has a website http://www.susieforster.com/portfolio89893.html

Visit her website if you did not have the chance to see her exhibition and contact her to learn more.  



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