Heidi Trautmann

961: Light,Water and Woman–Photo and Painting–Exhibition at Bedesten Batu Gundal and Atila Karaderi

By Heidi Trautmann


In order to promote a first research project concerning a ‘health map’ of women in North Cyprus the artist Batu Gundal and the photographer Atila Karaderi cooperated for an art exhibition of a special kind. The exhibition was opened on 21 November at the Bedesten in Nicosia and closed on Novemver 27.

It is indeed a special cooperation unheard of. Batu Gundal did his drawings on the basis of Atila Karaderi’s photographs which creates a special effect on the viewer. Pencil drawings of women set into the background of landscapes suggested by the photographer. The woman in brought into connection with light and water, the invariable, the unchanging constant value of nature.


KISAD’s first research in cooperation with the University of Oxford and Eastern Mediterranean University and the British Cyprus IVF Hospital will be a comprehensive epidemiological study to contribute to community awareness and the development of health based health strategies.


A beautiful contribution by the two artists to this project, a big thank you.


Batu Gundal, a young artist known for his young and refreshing art, his murals and now also his new art studio and bar in Girne ONIKI…see his facebook site:


Atila Karaderi, an excellent photographer, I have not heard much about myself but his photos speak fro themselves.



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