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Christmas- and End-of-the-Year-Letter 2018

 Dear friends,

there was a moment this year when all clocks in my surroundings stopped, also my wrist watch and even the battery charger of my photo camera stopped functioning, five altogether. It was shortly after the funeral of Kalle, my husband, the captain of our boat, for over thirty years. I had to reload them, change batteries, charge them with fresh energy, my own from now on? Is this the meaning of it?

I have my time of mourning and I still feel his presence but I know that Kalle would not want me to give up on anything. What is it that people remember when a person leaves the circle of family and friends, when he leaves the garden of life? It is the values a person has lived by, the values he stood up for and this is what I want to talk about now at the end of the year 2018.

Values such as honesty, humbleness, awareness. If you live with nature not against it, if you see yourself as a link in the big chain, you will be able to participate and share. Being a sailor for most of his life Kalle knew about this basic law. When you are out with your boat, you have to obey the laws of wind and sea and your boat and your crew will be safe. Care for your surroundings and keep a good understanding with human and other beings, you will then benefit in the end.

Kalle would never believe that someone would tell a lie or would deceive him, it deeply hurt him when he found out and he never told a lie himself. When you live with nature you cannot cheat, you will be the one to suffer and when you observe your surroundings you will recognize the signs so you can act accordingly. 

He was much interested in what was going on around him and I found a bursting file where he kept copies he made from articles about political developments on the island, background stories; he believed in freedom but also in responsibility towards society, one’s neighbour and the world in general. He had one basic rule of thumb: Do what you expect others to do to you.

We both were, and I am, very concerned about the future of our world. It is one of the most serious situations we are going through and if we don’t watch out and change our politics, our individual attitudes, we will all perish. We must lift our eyes that are glued to the I-phone, to our very own concerns, and see the entire picture that our world truly presents. Countries that say, we first, closing their doors without even considering that a worldwide cooperation is needed to find a solution, will perish all the same and even more because they cannot expect the help and consideration of others any more. The pictures of the last two wars are still vivid in our minds, a third one would be much worse, it would be the end.

It is in the small cells, as old philosophers already said, the individual circle, the family, the schools, then the communities, were democracy and the laws of nature are to be exercised and when the small cell functions then the whole net of cells will be functioning, that means education from young age on how to be a responsible human being. We are cutting the branch we are sitting on, we are destroying the infrastructure we are living on.

My Christmas messages get more and more serious with the years, yes, but it is our world that is getting worse and I am scared, not for me but for our next generations.

While you are celebrating Christmas and the arrival of the New Year, use it to give some thoughts to the problems of the world. 



today,  1st Sunday in Advent 2018




My wishes for peaceful Christmas days and a good New Year 2019 






May you always have plenty of water under your keel....
May you always have plenty of water under your keel....

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