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As you have been previously informed the Esentepe Fun Run committee have announced that the date for the third Esentepe fun run has been set for the 20th April next year. 


This fun run will be held in memory of George Roper who sadly died this year soon after this year’s run.  George was the instigator of the original “Fun Run” back in 2011 which was designed to raise much needed funds for  “TULIPS”/Help Those With Cancer Association.  Funds have been raised in excess of 50,000 TL at each of the previous Fun Runs and associated Esentepe Fun Day. (51,000 TL in 2011 and 55,000 TL this year.) In recognition of all his efforts, George was made an honouree president of the Cancer association just before he passed away.


Next year’s run will be along the old coast road in the Esentepe area, on a similar route to the first years run.  The course is currently being finalised and will be confirmed by the end of January.


We would like to say a very big thank you to the “Carrington Group” who have agreed to continue with their fantastic sponsorship and support of this event in aid of Tulips.  They have agreed to be one of our main sponsors and as such will be supplying and financing the medals, posters and winners trophies.  In addition they have kindly agreed to pledge a wonderful prize (the external painting of a four bedroom villa) for the “Fun day” auction.


We are currently looking for other sponsors and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits with interested organisations and individuals.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts we would appreciate it, if you could please contact Art Watson or Sue Steel on magicart@hotmail.co.uk or suesteel@hotmail.com  respectively.


In order to comply with the legal requirements of the TRNC, sponsorship forms are only going to be made available from authorised individuals and NOT via the internet as in the past.  Full details of collection/distribution points will be made available early next year.


Runners will be able to register on the day but a minimum of a 50TL donation will be required in the absence of sponsorship forms.


This is the third Esentepe Fun Run and we will be encouraging as many children as possible to take part and as a key element of our publicity campaign, we will be contacting as many schools as possible to encourage the participation of their students in the event.


We intend to make this the best event ever for all the participants and their supporters with our main aim being to exceed last years funds raised of 55,000TL by at least 10%, to in the region of plus 60,000 TL


It is our intention to keep all the media fully informed on an ongoing basis as more of the detail firms up over the next few weeks.


This year’s organisors of the event are Alex Kennedy, Art Watson, Sue Steele, Mike Bezzant, Mary Watson, Les Roper, Laura Kennedy, Sue Tilt and Carole King. Email tulipscarole@yahoo.com for any further information.

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