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22 - Medieval Cyprus Fellowship – MCF - Kyrenia

Medieval Cyprus Fellowship – MCF


It was the first time that I and my husband attended a lecture by the above association so it was with some curiosity that we went to ChateauLambousa Hotel where in the hall he and his wife had erected a table full of information material, CD’s of his last lectures, and maps of Old Kyrenia. There were about 50 guests to listen to Hans Doeleman, the founder of MCF.


He had brought with him a treasure chest full of old maps over the period of some centuries to show on the screen, especially during the Byzantine, Lusignans, Venetian times. In the first part he explained the importance of Cyprus for the trade in the Mediterranean countries and islands. Having been attacked so many times and destroyed, it was a never ending effort to enforce the defense walls and castles of the ports which were the only way of contact and supply to the outer world.

On this evening of April 1, he explained to us the different stages of the harbor defenses including the Old City.

We often pass by the still existing signs of those times in the Middle Ages. The road on the west side of the castle of today, where we often park our cars, just right before you enter the harbour area, was previously an inner harbour to protect warships, trade-ships. The entrance to this inner port was accessible through a gate which is today behind the Harbour Café, although closed with bricks. He also pointed out to us several other important points of the remaining parts of the city walls we today pass by without really realizing them. He had taken most shots himself to show us what they look like today and where to find them.

Sometimes when I go through the Old City myself, I can feel the scent of old times or a shadow of a Lusignan noble man passing by. We will wait for the CD of this lecture.

If you want to learn more, then contact Hans Doeleman by email mcf.trnc.com or 0533 8415410. Tours with an authorized guide can also be arranged.

Look into Cultural Events for the next MCF event!

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