Heidi Trautmann

116 - Singing Classes

Group Singing Classes in Lemesos – Winter 2010!


11/1 - 29/03 2010, Lemesos (Mondays 18:10-19:25 / 19:30-21:45)

Who Are the Courses For?

These twelve week courses are for beginner and refresher singers who are interested in exploring and further developing their voices. You don't need to read music to do the course as learning will be done by ear within the group. Technique will be developed through singing a variety of songs from music theatre, jazz, classical and popular material. Space will be made for solo singing should this be of interest but as this is a group class it is not obligatory! The most important thing is to have fun and learn more about how to safely and best use your voice.

What Will Be Learned During the Twelve Weeks?

Breathing technique – muscles involved in breathing and control of breath
Chest and Head Registers – exploring and improving low and high voices
Register Blending – mixing your low and high voices smoothly
Range Extension – adding to the bottom and top of your voice
Increasing Flexibility – limbering the voice
Projection- helping your voice to carry further
Resonance – making your voice 'warm' and vibrant
Improvisation – playing with your voice!

Day: Monday.
Session 1 - 18:10-19:25 / Session 2 - 19:30-21:45

Cost for 12 week course – 150 Euros.

Individual tuition is also available.

Classes in a central Lemesos location.

For reservations/ information:
tel +357 26 911503 / 99 740592

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