Heidi Trautmann

885 : Original paintings collected during our travels for sale

Original paintings by various artists from my collection for sale

Paintings collected during our travels over many years:

There are some small gouache paintings 22x15 cm depicting war ships of the 1914 period, the signature is on the back.

Furthermore, some detailed ink sketches, about 25x35 cm, of the old Kaiki boat form; the painter and writer is Paul, I don’t remember his family name, he was my Greek teacher in Vlihó on Lefkada Island where we stayed some winter months on board of our sailing boat Early Bird.

Then, some hunting water colour sketches by a hunting painter living in Bavaria, Eduard Gelfert, who did large oil paintings; here are some sketches for these paintings; they also range between 25-30 x 32 – 42; one Mouflon as lino cut, 35 x 45 cm. 

I will not publish them all, if you are interested please contact me 

0090 533 876 7470

or heiditrautmann@hotmail.com 

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