Heidi Trautmann

58 - TULIPS : Christmas is the time to help others

By Heidi Trautmann


On my way to Kyrenia Main Street I came across a Christmas Stall by ‘Tulips - Help those with Cancer’ right in the middle of the Belediye Square with very friendly ladies letting us passersby know that there are many people who could do with our help. Carole and Sue wearing Micky Mouse heads were selling raffle tickets, and another lady, I think her name was Christine, selling handmade post cards, lovely aprons and jewellery. I could not resist and bought both for my many children and grandchildren.


It is amazing to see these ladies giving their time voluntarily and with such passion to the cause and that over the whole year. However, they would be grateful for any help and support they could get. They informed me that they will continue over the pre-Christmas time to go out into public and put their stalls up in many places, also to sell the Golden Heart Raffle Tickets which promise terrific prizes.


I learnt that within the few hours they were up town, they sold 355TL in raffle tickets and 221TL in Tulips goods. “We were very pleased with this result and it made the mornings work worthwhile. We always say that every little step helps.”
Other events were just as successful, they said, such as the 4171 Text Day:
“The total raised from our "Text Day" on 23 October 2012 was a massive 21,645TL. This is a fantastic amount raised and far exceeded our expectations on the day. We would like to thank everyone who took part in texting 4171 and to say to everyone else that they can donate at any time by texting to this number. Well done to all our donors and please keep up the good work. Thanks to Cyprus Today for publicising the event for us and putting pictures in their paper, this obviously helped us to promote the day. We would also like to thank Turkcell and Telsim for their joint support in this initiative.”
Another successful event was at their Stall at Soyz Bar on Sunday 18 November.
Well, what a fantastic response, despite the fact that we did not have quite the volume of goods that we had at our last stall at Soyz Bar, we managed to raise an amazing 1,760TL. The support we received from all our helpers to achieve this result was amazing and continues to motivate us to do these functions to raise the much needed funds for Tulips.
Raffle Tickets Sales:
“To date we have sold over 3,000TL worth of raffle tickets, however we would encourage everyone to buy these tickets as the prizes are fantastic and for a mere 5TL you could find yourselves having a great weekend at the Palm Beach Hotel in Famagusta full board, winning a Samsung Galaxy 16gb Tablet, Kindle Fire, or Bed and Breakfast and Evening Meal at the Cratos Hotel, along with loads of other fantastic prizes. I was informed that many private persons support and help with the sale; for example at private birthday parties.
We will be selling our tickets at Supreme Supermarket next Friday (which should be November 30) and will let you know of other venues when we arrange them.”


Do have a look in Tulips website tulips-trnc.com. Their official telephone number is 0533 8731693.

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