Heidi Trautmann

198 - Svetlana Ziuzina – Art Exhibition 2010 at EMAA Capital Art Centre - Review

 By Heidi Trautmann


“There is time to be spontaneous and a time to be reflective. However, reflection can be spontaneous. Time has no end and no beginning, there is only this moment. Through my art, I express what I feel about these unique moments.

Art has power when it is sincere. It can create a unique world in its form or expression. It doesn’t have to be beautiful but it must have integrity. Beautiful or not, I have learned to welcome and absorb all experiences. They are the foundations of my art.”


You don’t have to read Svetlana’s words explaining her art, you see and understand when you go through the exhibition at EMAA’s Art Centre in Lefkosa which opened on October 25 inaugurated by HE Mehmet Ali Talat, 2nd President of the TRNC who has always been a true friend of the arts and artists.

Özgül Ezgin, Vice President of EMAA, welcomed the circle of international guests, among them the Australian Ambassador, and her many artist friends.

I was happy to see Svetlana’s new art works and I would like to encourage her on this new way. She stays true to the colours of her palette which are soft and dreamlike and so are her themes not of this world. I have known her for many years struggling with the factor time so well presented in her painting Toothed Wheels and the triptych Moons.                                                                                                                  


The exhibition will be open until November 12 at EMAA Capital Art Centre near Deniz Plaza Lefkosa. Please click on invitation card to see the details.


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