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1a - Women into Action - Gönyeli Old Age Home - Visit Report

On November 7 at the Merit Crystal Cove Leonie described the situation of an Old Age Home in Gönyeli where she regularly goes to visit an old lady. This Sunday, Tina and her husband went with her to get a clear picture before anything is undertaken. This is her report.

Tina Adamou wrote:

Last Sunday I visited the above Old People's Home with my husband and Leonie.  We had heard from Leonie firsthand at the last meeting about an old lady she visits there and that there doesn't seem to be much activity going on there.  It has taken me a few days to write online about the visit because it really unnerved me.  I had to put my thoughts into order before being able to try to explain what I saw there.  The building is clean, from what I saw the staff are good with the residents and that is it.  There was no life there, there is a small gazebo in the garden, in all the time we were there, nobody came.  Every woman and I am sure every man in that place has a story to tell, most of them sad.  Some have families who visit from time to time, others do not and are in there till they basically die. 
Leonie and I discussed a few ideas, I am sure when Jenny gets back she too will want to visit.  Some music, some dance, anything that will lighten the heavy atmosphere in there.  One of the first women I saw in there was a smiling woman of around 50 with special needs, she was heavensent, a joy to talk to (even in limited Turkish!), Leonie's lady Faride and Hatice who told my husband she was 100 had a competition between them, both totally bedridden, but both plying for Leonie's attention in feeding them her homemade cake!  I felt there was a little excitement there the day we visited because 'life' had been brought into the place.  Another woman, both deaf and mute through sign language took a fancy to my husband!
Anyway, I have been in contact with a friend from the Lefkosia Municipality's orchestra and although he is very happy to play especially around Bayram for the residents, he does not want to step on the feet of Goneyli's Municipality who have apparently a wonderful folklore music and dance group.  Don't worry I am on the case with a very prominent resident of Gonyeli who had said he will arrange whatever we want, he is only to happy to.  Leonie was meeting with the doctor at the Home to get permission for this.
Will keep you posted, but before I go, I think what unnerved me most was the thought that maybe one day I will be a resident of a Home and that is not a nice thought....let's look out for our elderly.

Heidi's Note:

Please do not undertake anything without checking with Leonie or Tina; any help or support should be coordinated. But ideas - and/or meeting old people in other homes would be appreciated. 

Also, please look under Cultural Events here on this website for Nicholas Panayi's students' project which goes into the same direction.

Photos at this stage are not available.

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