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April 26 - Sunday Cultural Lunch - Sidestreets in Kyrenia – Conversations on Culture #4

“Breaking the Rules: A Performance-Lecture on Dada, Surrealist, Concrete, and Phonetic Poetry”


                The fourth event in the “Sidestreets in Kyrenia-Conversations on Culture” series will be “Breaking the Rules,” a performance-lecture on Dada, Surrealist, Concrete, and Phonetic Poetry, by Dr. Johann Pillai.

                This experience, which received enthusiastic acclaim from a packed audience at Sidestreets last November, wil be offered once  in Kyrenia on Sunday, 26 April.

                “The  dramatic  breaking of rules in modern music, art, and architecture in the 20th century, from Cubism to Futurism to Dada to Language Poetry, has been accompanied by  similar exciting new developments in literature, as internationally poets, artists and musicians have experimented with new ideas and forms of expression.  Asking fundamental questions  – ‘What is poetry made of? What is literature?’ – writers have developed brilliant interdiciplinary forms of poetic expression that break down the boundaries between writing, images, and music.

                 Johann Pillai’s ‘Breaking the Rules’ represents a unique visual and auditory exploration, interpretation, and performance of alternative forms of literature, ranging from Japan to New York to Scotland to France, Germany and Russia, and from classical visual poems to sound poetry.”

                The event (presentation together with full Sunday luncheon) is scheduled for Sunday, 26 April at 12:00, at Onar Village in Kyrenia.

                The cost of admission to the event is 30 TL, and seats should be reserved in advance at Sidestreets, Tel: 229-3070/71.





It is a really fantastic experience! I have seen and heard it at Sidestreets Nicosia some months ago.


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