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Pink October Days for TULIPS

Our Pink October is fast approaching and whilst we know we sent you the information and you very kindly published it for us, we were wondering (and hoping) that you could help us push these events as they are due to take place throughout the month?


The first 3 events are all close together in dates and these are:


1.  Sail for Tulips – 1st October and then every Wednesday throughout October. 


Fancy a new challenge or just a bit of fun?  Everyone can try their hand at sailing, kayaking or paddle boarding at Sardunya Bay, it doesn’t matter if you have not tried any of these before because Derek will be on hand to guide you (or rescue) so take the plunge and come and get wet for Tulips!  For safety booking is required by phoning Derek on 0533 833 5604.  50% of all fees will go to Tulips on these Wednesday’s.  For further information, please see the poster attached.


2.  Cryptic Car Treasure Hunt – 5th October.


This will be our very first Cryptic Car Treasure Hunt, so please come along and exercise your brains for Tulips and have fun at the same time.  The clues have been supplied by Ian Long (of Chateau Lambousa fame).  You will be given 15 clues to solve, you will then be required to go to each destination and collect a sticker to prove you have been there.  Registration starts at 10am at Baris Park with the treasure hunt starting at 10.30am.  There are prizes for the winner and runner up.  Our very own Radio Angel, Denise Phillips is coming to open the event.  There are drinks, snacks and a doner available at Baris Park for when you return however we do ask you to let us know if you require a doner so that we can order it by phoning 0533 873 1693 or 0548 870 2281. The furthest you will have to travel is from Hos Bes (Lapta) to Sultans restaurant (Catalkoy).  For further information please see the poster attached.


3.  Pink Coffee Morning – 6th October.


If the first 3 events are a little to hectic for you and you prefer a more sedate activity then you will have no excuse not to organise or attend a Pink Coffee Morning!  We would like anyone and everyone to have a Pink Coffee Morning or attend one, it could be held amongst friends at someone’s house, at a coffee house or any other establishment that you can think of.  You can make and eat pink cakes, have a pink raffle, have a pink nail party – the list is endless. It is up to you we just ask that you help raise funds for Tulips.  Don’t forget to take photo’s of this particular event as we will be having a photograph competition, so take your pictures and send them to tulipscarole@yahoo.com, there will be a prize for the winner!


Thank you for whatever support you are able to give.


Sue and Carole


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