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Sept 25 & 26 Portuguese Night at the Hilton

Press Release


Portuguese Nights at the Hilton Cyprus

25th & 26th September 2009



Hilton Cyprus in cooperation with the Embassy of Portugal announces that on 25th and 26th September will be hosting Portuguese Nights at the Fontana restaurant. This will be a unique opportunity to experience the culinary and musical Portuguese culture with live fado performances by the international entertainer Mario Moita and taste a luscious traditional dinner.


The Chef of Hilton Cyprus along with his culinary team, will prepare especially for you a mouth-watering buffet dinner with a variety of specialities that include mainly fish which is the main characteristic of Portuguese eating habits.


The Portuguese nights will be available for you on the 25th & 26th September in the Fontana restaurant, from 20:00hrs at €33.00, including a glass of dessert port wine and coffee.



For information and reservations please call

Hilton Cyprus tel.22377777





In describing Portuguese music, writers always note that fado derives its name from the word "fate" suggesting a musical form somewhere between the blues and a Greek chorus.

Τhere are those who say that the Fado came to Portugal, through Lisbon, under the form of Lundum, the music of the Brazilian slaves. By this explanation, it should have arrived to Portugal with the sailors returning from their long trips across the oceans, approximately in the year of 1822.

Originally fado was sung in bars of ill repute in Lisbon in the nineteenth century, but the form became formalised and has developed into an art-form with its own rules and regulations. Today in Lisbon you can also find several ‘’Casa do Fado’’ with the most refined cuisine and atmosphere.


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