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796 - 4th International Olive Cartoon Contest 2015 - Prelimenary announcement

Results to be shown on the occasion of the Zeytinlik Olive Festival in October

By Heidi Trautmann

 My grandmother used to say: ‘Peace and wealth depend on a country’s farming community, and it is a government’s first duty to see that they can produce unhindered and that they get all the support they need to ensure our peace and wealth. There is a very big truth in her words and who of those who have gone through a war and the aftermath of war do not remember the times when they in their despair and hunger went through the fields and looked for a forgotten potatoe or any other field fruit.

It was in 2008 when the Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists Association (FECO Cyprus) had their first Olive Cartoon Contest – in which I had taken part and even won a prize of mention – it was after a big outcry went through the community when hundreds of old olive trees were cut down to make room for new roads; I am sure that some of the older residents will still remember.

Now, the 4th International Cartoon Contest to honour the olive trees and all that goes with it, has been concluded and the provisional results have been published, that means, the works chosen by the Jury members in Girne, will be checked worldwide within the international associations whether identical or in its contens similar drawings have been published. After the reassurance that they are originals, the final results will be shown on the occasion of the Zeytinlik Olive Festival. Opening the link below will show the results published by the association and the Girne Municipality who have sponsored the event, i.e. the money prizes and expenses.



Cartoonists speak a very important language, a language without words, and in many countries the only language to bring situations to the awareness of society. They often live dangerously as we know from the not so distant past, they go to prison for their courage but are also known for being used for manipulating purposes in politics which should not be allowed. I have spoken to our local cartoonists about the situation on an international basis and they are aware of it and fight such harmful excesses.


It is also a good opportunity to remind us of the true meaning of the olive tree not only as the sign for peace and achievement but as the oldest food and body care product. In all those years I have been writing about it, about our harvesting the olives, about books that have been published around the olives, I have come to appreciate its value for us humans as important part of the chain of nature of which we are a tiny part and if we break this chain we will perish.






Jury members at the Girne Municipality
Jury members at the Girne Municipality

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