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Letter by the Tulips Angels in August 2014

We have attached a photo of the presentation by Soner Kioufi (owner of Kibcom Times/Forum)  to Tulips of his donation of 3,000 TL to boost the money raised by Lee Hickens at the above event.

We cannot say how much we appreciate Soner's generosity and his commitment to helping Charities in the TRNC.  We at Tulips were staggered to receive this amount of money as was Lee and can only say a huge thank you to a really lovely man.

Carole and Sue


Cornerhouse last Sunday.


What an absolutely amazing result  -  to raise 4,000 TL in one evening, as Sue said, " They may be a little bar in Ozankoy, but they and all their supporters have very big hearts".....


The event started at about 5.30 p.m. with Horse Racing organised by Gary Mac and his hard working team.  Joseph Malin, who attended this event, won 60TL on the races and he decided to donate it all back to Tulips - we thank you very much Joseph.

This was followed by Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar competition which was organised and collected by Cousins; Joseph Hughes (8yrs) and Molly Cartmell (14yrs) and they raised 380TL both on the night and the day before at Chateau Lambousa.  There were 108 sweets in the jar and Mr Patrick Tarrant from Girne was lucky winner.

Next came "The Burger Eating Competition" the winner of which was Liam Sedgewick who ate 'almost' 4 burgers in 10 minutes.  The contestants had 10 minutes to each as many as they could and the winners photo shows what was left after the 10 minute bell went!  It was the 2 skinny lads that did the best, the big guys fell by the wayside!

A raffle was held and prizes had been donated by Dennis the Chef, Tiga Trading, Acapulco Hotel, Scuba Cyprus, Mustafas Airport Transfers, Wines of the World, Efes, Cafe Boss and Efendi Restaurant and we thank all these people for their generosity in donating some great prizes - some of which when won were donated back to Tulips for us to Auction off on the night to raise extra cash, that was great.

Live music ended the evening by "Blue Tears" and Bex Marshall.

Wow, what a huge amount of work by the owners and staff of the Cornerhouse who worked tirelessly throughout a very hot evening and lastly but not least, a massive thanks to all who attended and donated so generously to Tulips.

Carole and Sue





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