Heidi Trautmann

22 - Official opening of BRS Social Club

The launch party of the BRS Social Club was on July 29 and it was a great success as I have been told. Unfortunately I could not be with them. The Speaker of the Parliament Mr Hasan Bozer was holding a very nice little speech which I would like to let you have for information. And also the wonderful photos.

Ladies and gentlemen; Tonight, I am very happy to be here with you. I would like to thank you for it. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about how we can emphasize our strengths and how we can over come the pitfalls before us. Britain and British people have always played a very important role in Cyprus’ history. Because we lived under the British rule for a remarkable period of time, we have got some British influences in our culture, which is reflected to our daily life. Thanks to you, we have got also quite important number of British residents here in Northern Cyprus. We all are very happy to have you here. You are our treasure. I would like to thank you for the contribution you are making to our health and education sector by the donations you are raising from the social events. As a politician, I am fully aware of the fact that you have got some problems here as British Residents. I know the fact that, you are encountering some difficulties with bureaucracy, too much paper work, which makes life difficult for you and for us too. We are working very hard to solve the issues however, some of them are caused by unsolved Cyprus Question. Such as, lack of direct transportation due to TRNC’s suffering from isolations. Here, your help in international arena to lift the inhuman isolations are demanded. I hope that, we can help each other to overcome these obstacles. As a politician, and as the Speaker of the Assembly, where the parliament is assigned to legislate and enact the bills and laws, I am determined to do my best to search the solutions to our problems, in an effective and efficient manner. There are some difficulties that British are facing when they buy property in Northern Cyprus. In order to avoid this we passed a bill and enacted the regulation in 2008. Surely; on your behalf there are things you can do also, like finding good lawyers to defend your rights and guide you in the right path. A booklet in English to guide property buyers can be published. We will upgrade the required legislation for the residence, to comply with the EU standards. Also it is one of our goal to find the way to involve British residents to the right of voting both in local and general elections. As a doctor of medicine, I know the contribution you are making to our health sector, like donations. I would like to thank you again on behalf of my people. We are also aiming to upgrade our health facilities. I believe that, hand in hand, we can overcome every obstacle. As British residents in TRNC, you are personally experiencing the joy of life in a democratic and beautiful country like this. We should promote it together. You can represent us in the whole world by telling them we do exist in a democratic country, where all human rights are respected and exercised. Thank you once more for your contribution both economically and politically.

There were many lovely photos I was given by Ali Yaliman, the Social Club's General Coordinator. Heidi

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