Heidi Trautmann

Oct 11- 25 - Nicholas Panayi – Paintings Art Exhibition in Limassol



The concept of memory and its importance in our life is the basic inspiration for the recent work of Nicholas Panayi.


The work streams from two main sources:

a) Traces of a previous time and space,

b) Memory fragments of a lifetime.


The artist’s personal experiences within his family circle are the driving force behind the recent work; “Afaneia”, the forgotten occupied village of Nicholas’s father which actually means “Oblivion” and the loss of memory of his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s.


Panayi has his personal studio in the old city of Nicosia. The division of the city and the influx of immigrants there is another starting point for the artist. A series of works reflects the “social turmoil” that he daily experiences.

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