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622 - Thoughts about the book – ‘I’m alone and I’m OK’ by Dagmar Pashia-Rueckriem

Thanks to the Universe.....

It is a book for women. For women who go through the hard time of a divorce, who go through pain and frustration and who are at a loss to know where to turn to. In the introduction to the small book of 120 pages Dagmar addresses the reader directly. What will you do when you are confronted with the situation of a separation, divorce, all the mess that goes with it. “How will I tackle my life or find my purpose? For sure not by jumping from a ten-meter tower or go hitch-hiking. In the end accept what you cannot change and change what you don’t want. It is time to get up and live your life fully….travel the world which will open your eyes.”

It is Dagmar’s life story, from the very beginning of her entrance into life in Magdeburg shortly after WW II, the escape into the West, the humble beginnings of her parents, confined living conditions and her first steps into adult life.

With simple words Dagmar recounts the turns her life takes, the decisions she makes after her first young marriage and divorce, her stubborn belief in a better future for her. Life is precious, don’t blame anybody but go ahead and try new ways. Don’t be afraid.

Perhaps due to her naïve approach to things she succeeds, and whatever job she takes on she fulfils it with German accurateness, she is not afraid of anything…. “NO”, she answers back to me, “I was afraid, I had to pick up all my courage and go through it”. 

Without knowing the language well enough, she travels across the world, studies the language at site – sort of learning by doing -  and always finds a way to earn her living; and there are always friends she makes that help her along, and one day she meets her second husband whom she follows to Cyprus which has become her home, and although her second marriage didn’t work out, she built up a life for herself and her daughter, and, as she says, although I am alone, I’am OK.  I hope that my story will help women in a likewise situation to find the courage and the optimism to go ahead with life and fill it with positive experiences.

Mrs Ute Woermann-Stylianou, Managing Director of the former Goethe-Zentrum, (today again Goethe-Institut) in Nicosia, Cyprus, presented the book by Dagmar with whom she has been working for many years at the Goethe Zentrum in Nicosia; she comments on the book with the following words:

“I experienced Dagmar as a courageous, compassionate woman embracing life and all its facets with open arms. She never let adversities which were not missing on her path overwhelm her, on the contrary, a born fighter and a hard worker, she always kept her deep belief in the goodness of life. Her story will inspire other women facing separation to confront the new phase in their lives with faith.” – Ute Woermann-Stylianou,

If you want to learn the whole story, please visit her website www.aloneandok.com  where you will find all information and you can also win a cruise, just like that, as a side effect, and who knows, you might need it.




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