Heidi Trautmann

74 - Peace stones have arrived in Berlin

20 years anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall


The Goethe Institute Berlin (Michael Jeismann, project manager) and the Department “Cultural Projects Berlin” (Moritz von Dülmen) have invited the press to welcome the symbolic peace stones back in Berlin on September 30 in front of the Brandenburg Gate. They were the first ones to see them, stones decorated by artists, writers and poets in countries with a wall, altogether seven countries such as Jemen, Korea, Cyprus, Mexico, Israel and Palestinian autonomous areas and China.

The project was initiated by the Goethe Institute in Berlin to be part of the festivities on November 9 when all stones, several thousands as I have heard, will be positioned in front of the Brandenburg Gate and toppled to produce a domino effect to say that all our still remaining walls in the world should fall just as the peace stones in Berlin.

The photos were taken by Elisabeth Heller www.cre-aktiv.com who has promised to be present for us on November 9. In her website she has written a comment on the press meeting in German.


In the centre Dr. Jeismann project manager
In the centre Dr. Jeismann project manager

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