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958: Salih Mustafa Cizel –Transformation – his latest exhibition at ‘Art Gallery Cyprus.com’ Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


“One day”, he always said, “one day I will make contact with the beginning of my creative life and work, I will have established the complete circle, I will show in a concentrated abstract form my philosophy of art.”

That is where he has arrived at the moment with his exhibition “Transformation”. All guests at the vernissage on November 23 showed their surprise about his new style of painting.

Please click on the link below to read his life story which I had published some years ago. We have often met, we were practically neighbours and met at many exhibitions and festivals when I was around with my camera for news for my newspapers and my website.




A new and exciting venue …. the Art Gallery Cyprus.com, right next to the Bayrak Radio, with a frame workshop attached, it has been very active this last year with fine exhibitions.

Ahmet Kale, the owner took us around the place.


My husband Kalle had come with me as I had promised he would see maritime pictures and sailing boats, you must know that we are both sailors and have lived on a sailing boat for six years before we settled in Cyprus. So, we know about the sea and about sailing, and I can tell that Salih got the atmosphere right. There is a lot of abstract thinking in travelling the seas, there is architecture between a sailing boat and the waves and the sky; there is a graphic understanding between man-made structure and structures of nature. Salih’s abstract paintings of boats and sea are actually the true image of a sailor’s experience.


Salih said, he loves the sea and watching boats, having grown up in Larnaca and spending many years in Girne harbor. I wonder what his next transformation will show us, a Cypriot has two loves, that is the sea and the mountains.


The exhibition is still open until 23 December 2017, please see details on the poster. 

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