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The TULIPS Angels inform on a new campaign “The Kurus Collection Box”

With effect from Monday 19 May we are introducing our new campaign "Every Kurus counts. We have produced collection boxes which can be kept by individuals in their homes to collect coins that they do not require.  Below is a poem that we think explains it very well:

The ‘Kuruş’ Poem


We shall say our little ditty

as we’re thinking of our kitty

that we use to keep our charity afloat.

We’re not asking for your gold

or for nice things to be sold

and we certainly won’t be asking you for a note.


We’re just asking for your surplus

which often has no purpose

we think that you will know well

that in everyday occurrence

It does not require permanence

of you keeping these unusable kuruş’s


So if you don’t mind

(for we know that you are often kind)

could you pop these little tiddlers in a pot?

For although their value is small

if we aim to collect them all

they’re sure to add up to an awful lot!!

(Written by Nicola Donghue, Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Group, Widnes, Cheshire)

This is a great initiative for us and we are being supported by both Iktisat Bank and Credit West Bank in as much as they will be handing out our collection boxes in all their Girne Branches to their ex-pat customers.
Iktsatbank Assistant General Manager, Mr. Olgun Onal, said “Once again I am delighted that Iktisatbank are able to help this very worthy charity to raise funds for such a good cause. We wanted to assist with the ‘Every Kuruş Counts’ appeal so to be able to provide the donation boxes to our customers from our Multicultural Banking branches in Kyrenia seemed the ideal way to take part, we hope not only to raise a good number of donations to this great cause but also to raise awareness of a disease that affect so many of our community. Tulips do a fantastic job and it is great that we can assist in such a way”.
Credit West Bank have expressed the fact that they are always very keen to support local charities and are happy to be helping Tulips in this initiative.
The collection boxes are also available from the Tulips Shop in Alsancak, both Best Seller Book Stores, our stall at Chateau Lambousa on a Saturday morning and Cafe Boss (Girne).
Once the collection box has been filled there is a list of banks and venues written on the back of the box where they can be returned to.  Or email tulipscarole@yahoo.com for collection.
We are hoping that not only is this a good way to get rid of all those unwanted coins that fill up your pockets and purses, but that it will help raise awareness for our charity across the TRNC.


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