Heidi Trautmann

Oct 1 - 10 - World Architecture Week in North Cyprus - Exhibition



Today I was informed by the Department of Architecture at the GAU (Girne American University) that on the occasion of the World Architecture Week the TRNC Chamber of Architects organized a panel and an exhibition to celebrate this special week. The panel was on “Architecture of North Cyprus” and the exhibition was to honour the architect M.Ziya Tanalı who was awarded with the famous Sinan award by the Turkish Chamber of Architects in 2008.


The exhibition  will still be on until October 10 at the Cyprus Turk Kız İzci Örgütü Building- Çağlayan /Nicosia. (very close to Cyprus Turkish Chambers of Architects in Nicosia)  I was told.


So, people interested in architecture should see this exhibition.


Photos on the work will follow.


GAU will in future inform me on important events.


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