Heidi Trautmann

316 - A new Weekly – Cyprus Observer – in English, Turkish and Russian


By Heidi Trautmann

The first Newspaper I wrote for back in 2005 was Cyprus Times, the English speaking sister of Kibrisli. Editor-in-Chief was then Ali Yaliman. I enjoyed working for them very much and was sad when they had to give up. After a very fruitful time at Cyprus Today I was invited by Ali Yaliman and Nazif Bozatli, both then editors at the young ZOOM Magazine, to come and join the team. I did for over two years. Now, just some days ago, I was asked by Ali Yaliman again to join another freshly born newspaper which has risen from the old Observer in cooperation with Kibrisli under the umbrella of brand new ‘Northern Network Media Group’

The other day I went to visit the new child in the media sky at their new office in Karaoglanoglu. I met with the entire team and I felt most welcome: Managing Editor: Yağiş Akpinar (son of legendary Turkish Cypriot editor end journalist late Mehmet Akpinar), Editor-in-Chief: Ali Yaliman; Deputy Editors: Chris Elliot, Colin Mulcahy; News Room: Ceyda Kirilmiş, Cagri Yigit…..and now also: Heidi Trautmann as Art Editor; sounds great, doesn’t it?

No 1 has just come out as a free copy within the newspaper KIBRISLI, that means for the coming month the new editions of English, Turkish and Russian will be added to Kibrisli;

So when you are looking for this new and most exciting newspaper, you will – for the moment being - have to look for KIBRISLI at your newsstand and you will find the English and Russian edition in the Saturday Kibrisli edition and the Turkish ‘Kibris Observer’ in the Monday edition of Kibrisli. Just for the time being until further notice.

The new newspaper is already in full swing with interesting articles.

So I hope that you will continue to read my news on art and culture in Cyprus Observer, a newspaper with the new motivation of returning the pleasure of reading to people tired of the hard reality journalism and also to put the importance of reports and essays on local events and activities. A newspaper to lean back in your chair with your morning coffee and enjoy a good read.


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