Heidi Trautmann

921: KARMA Art Exhibition 3 + 3 at the new taşEV in Arabahmet Quarter Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


3 + 3…three Turkish Cypriot and three Greek Cypriot artists show their beautiful works at the newly renovated and recently opened ‘taşEV’ from 13 May to 15 July 2017…

Hambis                                                 Ruzen Atakan

Stellos Stylianou                                   Nilgün Güney

Giorgos A. Constantinou                       Mustafa Öztunç


So plenty of time left for everybody to visit this beautiful exhibition. On display are paintings and woodcuts, so seldomly shown.

When I entered the ‘taşEV’ I held my breath and exclaimed “excellent”, a most successful renovation done by Özge a young architect and Mert a school teacher. They have a vision to do something with the ‘dead capital’ in the streets of Old Nicosia, activate the street scenes, bring art and culture into the neighbourhoods, bring  some general and art education to its kids that live nearby, make people from wherever see the potentials of the place and perhaps add to it. Good food is one part of it, a small menu that is served in the inner court yard or in one of the rooms and, as Mert told me, half of the menu price will go to the educational programme. Please visit their face book site for more information.



We will follow them and got ourselves for a lunch one day.

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