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872: Books on Northern Cyprus - Visual arts - Literature - Theatre - Photography - and more

Books on Northern Cyprus – Visual Arts – Literature – Theatre – Photography – and more

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Books for those who are interested in the culture of this country, in its creativity and arts, in the visions of artists;

Books for the researcher, books for the traveller who want to know more than what is written in travel guide books and what is told by tour guides during the few hours in a bus. An insight into the thinking and hopes of a people.

-          Art and Creativity, Volume I (English and Turkish) Turkish Lira 80/Euro 27

-          Art and Creativity, Volume II (English and Turkish) Turkish Lira 100/Euro 35

-          North Cyprus My Way /Nordzypern auf meine Art (English and German) Turkish Lira 35 (Euro 10)

My books are available either directly through me – heiditrautmann@hotmail.com  or they are available in all bookstores in North Cyprus and also at Moufflon Bookstore in Nicosia South.

 My travel books are available as E-books on the internet, Amazon, traveldiary etc. 

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