Heidi Trautmann

218 - A Colourful Exhibition at EMAA Art Centre in Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


On February 22 the doors of EMAA Art Centre opened to a crowd of young artists from the age of four to 18 together with their parents and many other guests. How encouraging it was to see their excitement, girls and boys clad in their finest Sunday outfits. Also our disabled artists were beaming with joy to see their work displayed and appreciated by so many viewers.


In the invitation it was said that it was again a bi-communal workshop organised by the European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) in cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (EKATE), within the framework of the EU grant programme to strengthen civil society. The main objective of the exhibition is to establish a closer relationship between the two Cypriot communities.

The exhibition was opened by Mrs Özgül Ezgin, President of EMAA and by the EU Commission’s Head of Section Mr. Ismo Ulvila.  Deniz Plaza Director Mr. Turgay Deniz who regularly supports EMAA workshops, was also present.

Altogether 40 children and young students have proudly shown their art work of a two months workshop in the beautiful exhibition rooms of EMAA. An exhibition ‘comme il faut’, nothing left out, even long speeches and presentation of each single young artist with a certificate handed over. The group instructors had taught them to use all kind of material to create pieces of art work, by painting, cutting, gluing , stapling, and using their fingers and imagination.


Courses and participants:

Instructors: Eser Keçeci, “Junior Contemporary Artists”; Participants: Taha Babagil, Özer Babagil, Poyraz Okur, Bora Şekeroğlu, Daren Doğansel, Ezgi Esenel, Sadiye Racip, Doğa Çobanoğlu, Defne Çobanoğlu, Aysel Kansu, Hüley Gürdür, Lüke Fraser Godfrey, Emre Çağdan, Cemre Çağdan, Arzu Tuzcu, Mevre Atar.

Instructor: Yaprak Aydın Güneri, “Me and Him and Her and Them” , participants: Seval Su Başaranel, Hüseyin Hoca, Cemal Can Başaranel, Kadriye Ardağlı, Selvi Atar, Ahmet İsak.

Instructor; Sinem Ertaner, “Colourful”, participants: Derviş Barışel, Tülay Kanlı, Hürmüs Atakanlı

Instructor: Eser Keçeci, Sofiya Alexandra Dias Panayi; Bicommunal workshop; Participants: Taha Babagil, Özer Babagil, , Ezgi Esenel, Sadiye Racip, Aysel Kansu, Hüley Gürdür, Emre Çağdan, Cemre Çağdan, Altan İlyaz, Seval İlyaz, Maria Pandelidou, Carla Momjıan, Diana Zannetou, Maria Kyprianou, Marilena Ioannou, Christina Zannetou, Ektopoz Mixaha, Efstathios Efstathiou, Kostandinos Efstathiou.


If you are interested to have your children join such courses, or if you want to participate in an adult art course, please do not hesitate to contact EMAA Art Centre, Tel 0533 864 0418.


Note: Article published in March Issue of Zoom Magazine (English)

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