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911:Artterapi Art Activities in Girne - Creative Workshop for Toddlers and Workshop for making masks

By Heidi Trautmann


It is a while that I visited Bahar Cirali’s Artterapi Art School and so I decided one Saturday morning to see how things are going. The last activity was an exhibition of children paintings with the theme ‘My home – my city’ which touched me very much.

When I came in early in the morning,  I found Bahar and her two young helpers in the school kitchen preparing …. I would not believe it ….vegetables for the course of this morning, big boiled potatoes, carots, orange and celery pieces, olives, sliced for the eyes and much more.

“Ahh, you know we have small childrencoming today and I don’t want them to put paint or markers into their mouth, so we are going to make animals from vegetables. We made some samples here, and they will all sit around the table with their parents and create their own animals for their own farm and at the end they can either take them home or eat them.”

What a lovely idea, I told them; that gives me the idea to make our Easter Rabbit from veggies, much healthier than from chocolate. The course was on April 1.


On April 8 there will be quite a different course for older children and young adults…. That is making masks from paper pulp; The pulp is all ready,  soaking in a big bucket, that is recycling of waste paper combined with a special glue. That reminds me of my childhood when we used to make masks for carnival. You can do a lot with paper pulp; when I had my own children, I created landscapes for them for their railway, mountains and tunnels. Please find attached the poster for this event with all the details.

There are other activities such as painting courses; use the telephone number on the poster to obtain more information.



Waiting for the students.....
Waiting for the students.....

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