Heidi Trautmann

114 - Room Theatre with Passa Tempo


By Heidi Trautmann


What an extraordinary feeling to be so intimately close to the actors in a room theatre. We had the chance to be invited to the Eaved House where the Lefkosa Municipality Theatre gave a special performance of the new play written and directed by Aliye Ummanel “Passa Tempo”, the play I had already announced some weeks before.

We could observe the mimicry of the two actors Deniz Çakir and Osman Ateş, two most wonderful actors;  we saw the wings of their nose quiver, the corners of the mouth pulled down in disgust, see the eyes flare in anger. Theatre to touch.

It was about two people of different generations, mother and son caught in the aftermath of a war, and the dead father is among them, always present. There are conflicts arising from the constant frictions changing with clear moments of awareness. An emotional roller-coaster.

The change of emotions is well produced by the two actors, Osman Ateş as the young man suffering under the presence of the dead fatherö but here and there he shows the high spirits of innocent youth, dancing and jumping.

The most lovely room on the first floor of the Eaved House was full with theatre lovers and also some British who have come to discover the professionalism of the Lefkoşa Municipality  Theatre and their team. Exquisite, they said.

The set was perfectly built up, the lighting and music were perfect, no wonder, as everybody from the theatre team took on a part, and actors also took over the technical realization, all for one, one for all.

I spoke to Aliye Ummanel after the play to find out about further performances of the play and she said, that they think of taking the play around the island, also to Kyrenia.

That would be wonderful!


Aliye Ummanel
Aliye Ummanel

Osman Ates
Osman Ates

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