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442 - Poetry Book “Sevgi Savascilari – Warriors for Love” by Orkun Bozkurt and Mustafa Celik

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It is important to know the past in order to understand the present times


By Heidi Trautmann


Orkun Bozkurt is the President of the Cypriot Turkish Orthopedic Disability Association after his friend Mustafa Celik passed away. During the week of International Remembrance of the Disabled many activities have taken place to support their cause; on the occasion of one of them, the art exhibition by Figen Inan, Orkan Bozkurt signed his book with poems alongside with those of his friend Mustafa Celik. Orkun Bozkurt is bound to the wheelchair since childhood and Mustafa suffered an accident and had to accept a life bound to the wheelchair.

I bought this book and have Orkun’ signature and took it home. From time to time I have one or the other poem translated; they are short and full of wisdom.



Hope will either sleep in my lap

                        While the sun is falling

                                 On the mountains

Or my dropping tears

                    Will awaken its scent

                              Tear by tear


Hope will not die


Orkun Bozkurt


Living well

Death fills us with agonies

My dear, it’s one of the features of life


was foretold the day we were born


Living well

is our obligation

Mustafa Çelik


They are true ‘warriors of love’. The book is available in all Cypriot bookstores and the income of the book will go to the Association.

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