Heidi Trautmann

647 - 5th AcademiADA Workshop and Exhibition

By Heidi Trautmann


The title means ...academic world on the island…students from different universities in Turkey come to Cyprus to work with the art departments of the Near East University. I wrote about the one last year and my general impression is more or less the same as last year. Sculpting and its results were impressive although last year had more works shown and were more courageous and experimental but that may be due to lack of time.

I learnt only very late about the workshop and thanks to a friend I was able to see the sculpting students at work, many young women did the hard work with machines and chisel and hammer; they were – and not only them, the whole area around, the trees and cars in the parking area – were covered in white, and cranes were still moving the uncut marble blocks around….that was on Monday….and on Thursday everything was ready for the exhibition; they must have worked night and day. Circles and half circles against squares….geometry…. different surface structures – soft and rough – set next to each other. Interesting works.


The exhibition of the other disciplines was organised to be in the foyer of the hospital as the old venue is now being used as canteen. What a pity! Paintings and other art work were put on easels and many works were leaned against the walls, all a bit irritating with the permanent exhibition of Ex-libris works in the background. The ceramic works were very strong, simple in design as I like it, with the emphasis on structure.

Also the printing section, lino cuts and etching were very good, I had to go down on my knees to see them. The graphic section with stencil art works… well done and again the painting section was not very impressive, a bit meagre. Tendency towards graphic design?  towards other media? towards craft with input of body energy? …..You should have seen those young women cutting the marble blocks….my respect!


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