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85 - Simge Uygur – Art Exhibition at the Argo Gallery in South Nicosia Oct 14-31- Review



A big circle of Turkish Cypriot artists went to Simge’s exceptional and beautiful exhibition, Ismet Tatar, Inci Kansu, Emel Samioğlu, Baki Boğaç, Sevcan Çerkez and so on, the Turkish Cypriot photographers Kadir Kaba and Mustafa Erkan, from BRT Television Hakan Çakmak but I saw no Greek Cypriot press or TV representatives, although some Greek Cypriot artists had come.

There was a concept description in Greek but not in Turkish nor in English, we would have so much liked to know with her own words (nearly 3 pages, so there must be a lot to tell) what she has to say about her work.


The mayor of Nicosia – Mrs Eleni Mavrou opened the exhibition with very friendly and appreciative words in Greek and in English, she also greeted the Turkish speaking guests with a few words in Turkish.


Paper sculptures – Simge Uygur is one of the few paper artists in Cyprus among Inci Kansu, Ismet Tatar and Emel Samioğlu, using the element paper, here old newspaper pulp – to create female figures and forms. Paper, the carrier of time and news, combining the world, for creating women forms, the woman as carrier of humanity.


The atmosphere was a very warm one, it radiated feminism, motherhood, the basic from of creation, huge eggs with their inside displayed.


Also Simge Uygur herself radiated the aura of a true and happy woman.


I wish her success with her new series of art and the inventive spirit of hers will hopefully continue to research and experiment, which is her absolute strength.


Copyright Heidi Trautmann 2009

Simge Uygur and Eleni Mavrou
Simge Uygur and Eleni Mavrou

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