Heidi Trautmann

67 - Another TULIP letter from the TULIP Angels Sue and Carole


"Just to let you know that Sue Tilt attended the Olive Press event held on Friday 18 January in aid of Tulips. It was packed out with approx 50 people attending. Entrance fees for The 'Spot the Intro' quiz which was is aid of HTWCA/Tulips helped to raise the total sum of 970TL, the other events included on the spot fines and a raffle. The Olive Press very kindly made the 970TL raised up to 1,000TL. James Morgan and Gary Bristow were the winning Quiz team even though they got fined heavily for being 'too clever'.


We would like to express our thanks to The Olive Press for running this event in aid of HWCA/Tulips and also to thank everyone who attended and gave so generously."


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