Heidi Trautmann

233 - A Call from Halicarnassos


By Heidi Trautmann


„I had a call from Bodrum“, says Inci Kansu to me, “a call from the Halicarnassos Cultural Centre of the Bodrum Marmara College to participate in its 10th anniversary. It is a very active art centre where I had already been in 2003 for a solo exhibition and a workshop on paper art. Now, the curator of the centre Mrs Zerrin Ulusman called some of the artists who had been exhibiting there between 2000 and 2005 for a common exhibition under the name of FLASHBACK together with lectures, workshops and other events for a period of three weeks in March.”

It is good to remember. I like to take a governing view on the path I have behind me, the things I have accomplished and I think that others feel alike. Inci Kansu has a very long and exciting path to look upon in a sort of flashback and she was very happy to meet the artists in Bodrum on this occasion. A lovely catalogue had been produced for this exhibition showing not only the artists’ work but also the posters of the exhibitions and years gone by.

On the opening evening all the artists commemorated the thoughts of togetherness in art and did a joint art work on a huge canvas with one square for each artist while nostalgic music played in the background and good talks came up.

Inci Kansu continues: “I had the pleasure of meeting two German artists again, once students of my workshop in 2003, and now present with their own art work and I must admit that I am very proud of them of how they developed the ideas I had taught them.”

During the event – Inci had another workshop and lecture on “Paper-art and Universal Dimensions” – the curator had organized most interesting other art activities and many people came to share the experience with them.

In the category of painting there were: Ali Atmaca, Bilal Oğuz, Canan Berber, Işil Özişik, Kainat Barkan Pajonk, Müfit Karzek, Neveser Aksoy and Nevber Aksoy;

In the category oif lithography: Burhan Doğancay, Ergin Inan, Sinan Demirtaş; sculpture: Hande Orhun; Photography: Nejat Erem and finally Paper-art : Inci Kansu and the special guests Uta Ciner and Bettina Franckenberg. All well known artists.


You know what I am thinking?  I am really so relieved and happy that we have this phenomenon ART that brings people together and also that we have artists who carry this message along.








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Workshop for handmade paper

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