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856: AcademiADA 2016 at the Near East University

By Heidi Trautmann


For the seventh year the art event AcademiADA took place at the Near East University from 25 April until May 03, 2016. Seven art teachers and 50 students from various universities in Turkey came to work together with art departments in the disciplines ceramics, sculpture, painting, graphic design and photography.  The finale, the presentation of the work done within ten days was held on May 03 at the Main Library of the Near East University and the guests were thanked and honoured for their cooperation  by Prof. Dr. Uğurcan Akyüz, Vice Dean. One of the teachers I recognised from the event the year before.

It was a happy crowd that had gathered in one of the auditoriums of the library building and the teachers coming on stage were greeted with cheers and applause. One of the teachers was missing, he was still busy working on the statue of Aphrodite outside with his students, a place I visited later.

After the red ribbon was cut, we could walk around and inspect the works displayed. Again this year, the ceramic work was strong again, this year concentrating on decorating and glazing on prefab ceramic plates and a wall frieze made from tiles with a decor of the Cyprus bird. All very nicely done, nice designs, I enjoyed that. The sculpting with clay seemed to have concentrated on the Aphrodite sculpture which was then cast in polymer as I learnt later. Very interesting.

In the other disciplines digital art, painting and photography motives and forms from nature dominated, with a few exceptions of abstract painting.

I believe in the educational values of the arts and I believe in the importance of cultural exchange, of working together and learn new ways.


A friend took me to the space of Aphrodite, she lay on her face and was worked on with a polishing machine, even in this position she looked great. I hope she will get a nice place with a governing view.





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Prof. Dr. Uğurcan Akyüz
Prof. Dr. Uğurcan Akyüz

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