Heidi Trautmann

348 - TRNC can be proud of young pianist Erol Emmioglu


By Heidi Trautmann


This says Rauf Kasimov his teacher, and we are proud of him to have won 3rd prize at the 7th International  Pera Piano Competition in Istanbul in the age group of 13-16. First and second prizes went to two Russian young pianists. The first being from the State Conservatoire. There were eleven young participants in this group from Russia, France, America, Italy, Azerbeijan and Poland.

There were 12 children in the age group of 9 – 12 years; the group our Görsev Tepe had won the 1st prize last year; and there were 20 young artists in the age group of 17-22 years.


Where will Erol go from here? We wish him luck.

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