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Wednesday 28th of July, Municipal Gardens Theatre, Limassol, 21:00

Thursday 29th of July, Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre, Larnaca, 21:00


Due to popular demand, Balkan Legend, Sarajevo-born Goran Bregovic will be performing at the Limassol Municipal Gardens Theatre on the 28th of July and at the Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre in Larnaca on the 29th of July within the framework of the Larnaca Festival 2010. Along with the world renowned Wedding & Funeral Band he will be presenting his latest project ‘Alcohol Tour’  in two concerts set to be the highlights of this years musical events on the island! Both concerts start at 21:00

 ‘‘A magnificent concert, one of the greatest marvels to be heard on stage today’’ La Vanguardia

“Goran Bregovic and his Weddings and Funerals Band…had the audience eating out of their hands…Bregovic makes a music that runs the spectrum from ecstatic, robustly earthy dance music, to naughty pop tunes, to vocal and string arrangements ripe with sentimentality…a lyrical, beautifully paced evening.” – Daily Star, Lebanon

This un-missable star brings the joyously exuberant gypsy sound of the Balkans to Cyprus, where he has a special place in people’s hearts because of his numerous musical collaborations with Greek artists.

Bregovic has recorded with Greek heavyweights Georgos Dalaras and Alkistis Protopsaltis and has had success after success in tours around Greece with his 50-member band. Since 1996 he has won the hearts of millions with his ‘Wedding and Funeral Band’ performing his most beautiful pieces from the famous "Ederlezi" (Time of the Gypsies) to the "In the Death Car" (Arizona Dream) and the energetic "Kalasnikov" (Underground).

Goran Bregovic’s sound is unmistakable and unique; combining the clash of cymbals with the oompapa of the tuba, Orthodox Church male singers, the merry clank of cow bells and the call to action of the brass band. Influenced by tango, ska, reggae, traditional brass bands from Rumania and the ringing voices of Bulgarian singers, his music successfully weaves together cultural strands from Balkan and Mediterranean countries. The unmistakable hallmark of his sound must be the slightly ‘drunken’ tempo of the songs, with the brass instruments often chiming in one after the other as if they had lost their place in the music and were improvising under the inspirational influence of a few drinks.

The audience in his live shows say the experience is an irresistible call to uninhibitedly dance as if they were at the ultimate wedding party. As Bregovic himself often says during concerts, ‘‘the orchestra is for hire for weddings or funerals, though they cost more for funerals’’, so he advises the audience that it is better not to die!

Goran Bregovic is a guitarist, the band leader and composer of the music that is performed in his live concerts. We will be there with all who want to dance and let loose with the musical genius called Begovic!

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