Heidi Trautmann

43 - Catalköy Municipality and Turkish Lessons – Announcement to All

By Heidi Trautmann


Catalköy Belediye and its representatives invited all who feel concerned about life in a Cypriot village like Catalköy to a cup of coffee at the Malpas Hotel. That is a noble gesture! Also the English speaking press was invited but as far as I could see there was none but myself.

Still, 35 guests had come to meet seven members of the Belediye team and the Mayor Mr Mehmet Hulusioğlu, a young and energetic man who in his time of service had already initiated a lot and together  with Mr Derman Atik, the cultural head of the municipality, he will get far; there is another young active man, English speaking by the way, known to all, Salih Kadeh, who said that everybody who has something to contribute, to complain about, to make suggestions, is always welcome. The other member who addressed and welcomed the audience was the Muhtar Mr Raif Görgünel. They all expressed the wish to cooperate with all citizens – “we don’t make any difference of nationality – for a better future, for solving the problems of CÖP and especially on the roads. They invited everybody to share their ideas with the municipality.

Finally, Ms Berrin Özkaya was introduced to us – i.e. most of the audience knew her well – as the lady who was willing to teach members of the foreign community Turkish, and this for nothing – free of charge – every day during the week! She has started to give lessons two months ago and about 120 students are already regularly coming to the school building in Catalköy. 120 from five different countries! Ms Berrin looks like a German Gretel with her two blond long plaits down her back and her face is radiating with joy.


Çatalköy Belediyesi
Mehmet Hulusioğlu (Belediye Başkanı)
Çatalköy Belediye Parkı Yanı, Belediye Sarayı

Tel : 0392 824 4068

Faks : 0392 824 4163

E-Posta : demo@tradesis.com


The only thing you have to do is contact the Municipality Mr Salih Kadeh.

I was told that not only citizens of the Catalköy area could apply for lessons but also from other districts.


They have a Belediye Gazete distributed to all households in the area, a municipality newspaper, the EXPRESS and for the first time with a section in English; There is also a new culture and art programme initiated last year by Derman Atik who is also the theatre director of Tiyatro SU; the second art and culture festival will be around October, so watch out!

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