Heidi Trautmann

9) Music Scene

The Cypriots are great music lovers; they sing and dance at every occasion; there are many folk music groups, orchestras with old instruments, classical Turkish music interpreted in many ways, poetic and pop; much loved are the Western European classical composers and we have two to three important music festivals in spring and autumn, usually held in Bellapais with its beautiful atmosphere; but also the amphitheatres in Kyrenia and Salamis are venues for great music events such as Opera Days; especially the Türksöy Opera Events are a great pleasure as you get to hear opera singers from all Turkic countries.

North Cyprus has a number of very talented young musicians who collect international prizes at very young age.

Not to forget Jazz!

Many of the restaurants have Jazz live (Ersen Sururi) or soul (Carpe Diem); young groups hold the scene with interesting new music based on Turkish poetic music such as the ‘Gommalars’.

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