Heidi Trautmann

823 - Stars at Tenerife – International Music Festival and Competition

Suna Alsancak and Rauf Kasimov bring home international recognition 

By Heidi Trautmann


Rauf Kasimov, our well known pianist and tutor of budding musical talents, knows quite well how important it is for such young talents to participate in international competitions….not only to be heard by an international jury and to be judged by them but also to listen to other young musicians of their age group. It is equally important for educational purposes, the discipline it requires to work for such an important competition and the courage to stand up for one’s artistic ability, to overcome stage fright and to build up self-confidence. In hardly any other art form such discipline is required at such young age.


Again, Rauf Kasimov has succeeded to bring seven years old Suna Alsançak, accompanied by her mother, before the jury of the International Music Festival and Competition in Tenerife which took place end of October until 03 November. In the meantime they have returned home with a FIRST PRIZE for Suna and a series of prizes for Rauf Kasimov, among others Certificate of Excellence for the Best Performance of Spanish Music and for Pedagogical Achievements. They both have earned these awards and international recognition and – I think I speak in the name of all music friends – we want to speak out our congratulations and respect for the work done. 

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