Heidi Trautmann

Heidi Trautmann Column 1 - Let’s talk about the Arts

The local art scene had drawn its curtains for the summer season, so has the theatre. It is too hot to visit museums which we don’t have anyway, art museums I mean. But September is around the corner and we may take a glimpse behind the curtain what we may expect in the wide field of the arts. In the field of visual arts, you must not miss to visit the exhibition ‘Terra Mediterranea in Crisis’ in the Old Power House in Nicosia South, as from August 28 until December. It is an international exhibition with 41 artists including Sümer Erek, a Turkish Cypriot artist from London. There is Ismail Işilsöy in Yesılırmak with his new poetic sculpture exhibition Forgotten Ballads. On the evening of the opening of his 7th exhibition he invites his friends to come, sing, recite and celebrate. In the field of performing arts we are being offered a very special programme of theatre organized by the Nicosia Municipality Theatre and its master Yaşar Ersoy. The 10th Cyprus Theatre Festival from Sep 3 – 30 with nine most ambitious pieces such as Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht and Gogol and others, played by renowned Turkish Theatres. I will report on it separately next week. Then we will have the Autumn Music Festival starting on September 10 in Bellapais, the detailed programme will be published in time. There is this new Ethnographic Museum in Nicosia I wrote about, a private enterprise which is really a must to see. See on my website for more information. What is the basic definition of the Arts and what does it include? The term Art covers so many fields but from the purely technical point of view it stands for ‘human skilled activities and its products, a trained ability or mastery of a medium’, in some disciplines it is an act of expressing feelings and visualize one’s philosophy but always regarded inseparable from the mastery of its tools. Here we have it….mastery of its tools… I am often asked by newly arrived whether there are any art schools for adults around, or artists who give lessons. ‘I am interested in art but would need some advice, or want to work in a group, or for other reasons.’ There is an art school in Kyrenia right next to the Anafartalar School with courses in all disciplines of the visual and decorative arts. The teachers are professionals. It is a very good choice for those who want to do something with their leisure time. There is an article about it on my website. There are also adult courses at EMAA’s in Nicosia (European Mediterranean Art Association) twice a year for several weeks. On the south side of Nicosia there is an art school for all disciplines with Nicholas Panayi as the director, a friend of mine. Once a year he takes a group of students abroad to visit famous art museums, and interesting cultural places, to draw and later have an exhibition. If you live in the east of the island, go and enquire at your nearest local secondary school; they will be able to help you with information. There are artists who are giving private lessons, it depends what you want to do, drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics…or photography, video art… For the performing arts such as theatre, there are some very good amateur groups always looking for new actors/actresses and helping hands. Dance groups such as Tango classes are highly favoured among Turkish Cypriots. Dancing does not require the knowledge of a language. You want to sing? There are choirs you could join. The other day a friend said to me: The basic for good health is to get away from the daily routine from time to time, to give yourself completely to a good absorbing hobby. Published in Cyprus Observer

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