Heidi Trautmann

937: KARMA II – A bicommunal ceramic art exhibition at the TaşEV Nicosia 22 Septo 25 Nov 2017

By Heidi Trautmann


At the moment my reviews on art exhibition and other events come late because I have to attend my own exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre. However, I managed to visit the ones running parallel to mine. One of them was opened in the very beautifully renovated house in the Arabahmet quarter (opposite Selen Car park and the Arabahmet Mosque on the other side). We have seen KARMA I, also an bicommunal art exhibition of paintings right at the opening of the house itself with their manifold activities of a restaurant, a guest house and art teaching for children.


For the KARMA II event 20 artists – 10 Turkish and 10 Greek Cypriots – brought their work to display on two floors, charmingly set. Clay in various shapes, using different techniques and firing. Small figures, tablets, bowls, birds caught in flight, you must go and see what ceramic artists can make out of clay; it will give many inspirations and reasons to smile. Go there and try one of the nice dishes in the lively courtyard.


Find the address on the poster, they are also on facebook.


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