Heidi Trautmann

328 - The 2nd Besparmak Theatre Festival in Catalköy in 2012


By Heidi Trautmann


On the occasion of the International Theatre Day Catalköy Municipality held its 2nd Theatre Festival and its cultural director Derman Atik has succeeded in getting ten theatre companies together for a whole week’s performances. Many in Cyprus know Derman Atik from the GÜSAD times in Güzelyurt, from GIBETSU times in Girne and now his theatre group under the roof of Catalköy is TIYATRO SU with about 35 members. I had talked to many of them in the past and they all say that their theatre group is their home wherever they are. Derman Atik has been forming them, he is an appreciated actor, director, coordinator and friend of the theatre and never giving up in life. There is always a way, he says.


The DEDEMAN Tent in Catalköy was filled to the last seat when I arrived on the opening performance on March 23, everybody in a very festive mood, many known faces among them, children all excited because one of their classmates was taking part in the play with the role of the granddaughter .


The Colonel’s wife is a play by Christo Boycev, a famous Bulgarian playwright, a comic tragic piece; directed by Derman Atik. An unidentified man is found near a crashed plane with his memory lost. He lands in hospital among other ‘sick’ people, all with a quirk. His inmates try to set up a biography for him. A game in which in the end the ‘colonel believes. A mad story in war times, war making people being mad, identities change, make beliefs, and in the end the patient who is writing down the biography believes that he is god himself.

The patients were played very well by Cenk Gürcağ, Şoner Eminağa, Mehmet Soyluoğlu, Haluk R. Serhun, Evren Mercimekçi and the nurse, they call Cinderella, by Dilek Kurnaz.

They have seemingly practiced their quirks for months and they obviously were enjoying the acting tremendously.  I want to mention that Cinderella’s mimicry and body language was very expressive especially because she had not a single word to say and was mostly in the background.

The other enthusiastic members of the cast were Şerife Eminağa, Emine Gürcağ, Derman Atik himself besides directing, Yaşan Kadiroğlu, Ilde Atik (granddaughter), Yonca Altay, Nurçin Tüney, Aysen Rahvancioğlu, Necahet Sözerim, Sebnem Kuyucuoğlu, Özlem Akçal, Faize Sertel, Stephanie Corbel, plus the many others who helped realize the performance.


The following performances until April 1 will be according to the time table hereunder:


March 24: Güzelyurt City Theatre: Büyükbaba, 20:00 hrs

March 25: Nicosia Municipality Theatre for children, Iki Bavul Dolusu,  11:00 hrs

March 25: Yeni Erenköy  Municipality Theatre, Ayip Ettik, : 20:00 hrs

March 26: South Cyprus, Illegal Takimi Theatre: Kizil Gökyüzü, 20:00 hrs

March 27: Catalköy Theatre SU, Albayin Karisi (rep:The Colonel’s Wife), 20:00 hrs

March 28: Dördüncü Duvar Kültür ve Düsünce Dernegi, Isimiz Falciya Galdi, 20:00 hrs

March 29: TRNC State Theatre, Karanlik Isler, 20:00 hrs

March 30: Güzelyurt Sanat Dernegi Children theatre, Yarasi Olana, 20:00 hrs

March 31: Lefkosa Art Theatre: Ben Feuerbach, 20:00 hrs

April 1: Sinerji Theatre, Hastalik Hastasi, 20:00 hrs


I hope I will manage to see the one or other play but with the many events on at the moment it is hard to make one’s priority, there are other plays on International Theatre Day: at the Near East University, for example, also at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre itself, there are poetry events still going on for the International Poetry Days, and many exhibitions, all in one week.


The success of Derman Atik’s dream, to establish culture and art in his village for everybody, shows clearly how much people are interested and involved in this kind of entertainment.  Perhaps he has set a trend for continuation in other areas.





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